• Situational cases to use in training

    See our sample of situational cases for use in training, supported by a very practical methodological guide – here on the website under “Our products” – IO2: Part I and II.

  • Project to be finalized in December 2021

    Due to COVID, partners had challenges regarding testing the project products in the field of Tourism. The project was therefore prolonged until December 31st (four month extension). The first partnership meeting took place in Iceland autumn 2019. After that meetings took place online. The partnership managed to meet in Austria last November to have a working meeting on products. Partners are now disseminating products and building pathways for further use and continuing developments.

  • About Enterprised

    Welcome to the Enterprised website. Our project emphasises on extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel in effective teaching of low-qualified adults. By equipping adult trainers with the adequate methodological framework and resources on effective teaching (i.e. literacy, numeracy, language competences, digital skills, entrepreneurship, etc.) in line with current on-the-job realities, Enterprised aims at increasing the quality of training provided and respectively the prospects for learners to be successfully employed in long-term perspective – particularly in the tourism sector, which is important to all of the participating partner countries: Iceland, Austria, Spain, Norway. Resource and Methodological guides produced in the project shall better engage adult education providers,…