Our target group

Who do we want to address with our products?

Our immediate target group are our adult trainers staff. They teach diverse courses related to general fields such as literacy, numeracy, language competences, entrepreneurship, digital skills and other life skills. They are highly professional in terms of academic knowledge and skills to deliver quality teaching in their subjects. Still, they may lack job-related knowledge and skills how to integrate this knowledge in their curriculum and methodological approach. We have noticed that adult educators are many unaware of labour market issues and contexts. That can also apply to other adult learning staff such as guidance personnel and project managers. They deliver professional trainings in key competences, basic skills and language skills, but these learning experiences are not always linked to the prospective working environment / types of jobs the learner will be immersed in. Trainers may lack recent workplace experience themselves, which can further isolate their teaching from the reality they are preparing learners for. The end users of all our efforts are adult learners with low qualifications. In the national contexts we represent these are persons, lacking upper secondary education and engaging in training courses as part of governmental or project funded programmes to strengthen their position on the labour market. In the context of our Norwegian partner these are primarily immigrants and refugees.