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The project “Enterprised – Low Qualified Adults Ready for Work” emphasises on extending and developing the competences of educators and other personnel in effective teaching of low-qualified adults. By equipping adult trainers with the adequate methodological framework and resources on effective teaching (i.e. soft skills, process related skills, digital skills, entrepreneurship, etc.) in line with current on-the-job realities, Enterprised aims at increasing the quality of training provided and respectively the prospects for learners to be successfully employed in long-term perspective – particularly in the tourism sector, which is important to all of the participating partner countries: Iceland, Austria, Spain, Norway.

Intellectual Output 1 (IO1): Resource Guide for Adult Trainers. Situational Profiles of Jobs in the Tourism Sector.

To support trainers to get a clearer understanding of the work specifics for workers in the tourism sector and provide a rich repository of real life situations, which can be integrated in their training work with learners (also current workers), working conditions and training needs were identified, focusing on frontline staff in a broad sense, i.e. dealing directly with service users (tourists), frontline staff showing potential/ambition to becoming team leaders, staff in tourism being confronted with new trends in the labor market, e.g. eco-friendly tourism, cultural tourism, entrepreneurial awareness/business understanding etc.

Our initial focus group meetings (and major following development activities from which this Resource Guide was established) were held several weeks before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the tourism sector is the one commercially most affected, bringing world-wide travel restrictions along with decreased willingness and opportunities to travel. This will change perspectives in tourism and bring new challenges to be faced, perhaps also in medium- or even long-time terms. We cannot yet exactly say what the new reality will lead to, but it will be essential for adult education and VET trainers, as well as employees and employers in tourism, to adequately respond to new requirements arising from this new situation and considerably changed conditions.

Below the Resource Guide (Intellectual Output 1, IO1) is given in English, German, Icelandic, Norwegian and Spanish. These are draft versions and the content may be subject to change during the project life time (ends December 2021):

Resource Guide (IO1) – English

Resource Guide (IO1) – German

Resource Guide (IO1) – Icelandic

Resource Guide (IO1) – Spanish

Resource Guide (IO1) – Norwegian

Intellectual Output 2 (IO2): Methodological Guide for Adult Trainers “Teaching through Job Situations” (two parts)

The following outputs were developed based on the partnership’s combined effort in describing cases relevant to findings from the Resource Guide and in close cooperation with stakeholders (Tourism companies and educational experts) during the testing phase:

Below the Methodological Guide and situational cases (Intellectual Output 2, IO2) in English (translations are in the making):

Methodological Guide (IO2: Part I) – English

Situational cases (IO2: Part II) – English